Friday, April 21, 2006


Random thoughts about making yourself valuable…

A very good way to increasing your job security is taking on several projects, doing them well, in time and letting your peers know about them.

There is a fine line between being filled up and over-flowing. I personally like to accept new projects, even when I have a lot on my plate. Like today for example, I was meeting with coworkers regarding our annual 64 page alumni magazine. Two employees were told to drop off the project to focus on another, which left a significant amount of copy to write. I volunteered.

I figure as long as I know I can do it and do it well, why not do it? It sometimes makes work stressful and fast paced, but the rewards outweigh the strain. I get responsibility, I do a good job and people find out. I don’t think anyone is indispensable, but I think many are close. The more responsibility you hold the more valuable you are.

Oh yeah, and self-promotion is a very good thing. Don’t brag or boast, but don’t be modest. In meetings and common conversation let people know what you are working on, how long it is taking and the success you are experiencing…that way you can be a walking resume (and when you check the score of the Detroit Tigers’ game they don’t think you spend all day long on

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