Monday, May 08, 2006


Ups and downs

After experiencing very nice success in the last two months with some UM-Flint alumni events, I felt the pain of disappointed. I have been working on a leadership conference broadcast for my church. My pastor wanted me to get 100 people there. It was a great program, but I felt it was going to be a tough sell with everyone’s budgets so tight. My goal was 50.

After about six weeks of work, we ended up with only 20 attendees. Although these 20 people were very satisfied and felt the program was amazing, the program is seen as a failure because we did not sell all the tickets we bought.

I feel lousy about it, but am already preparing to make it better for next year. I created a debrief folder with documents and notes on this year’s program and what worked/didn’t work.

I just want ALL my projects to be a success and that is just not realistic. Keep on trucking I guess…On the other-hand, my Cinco de Mayo beertasting event was muy bueno.

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