Monday, June 19, 2006


Bridges Magazine

For the last month or so, one single project has consumed my work days, Bridges Magazine. Bridges is the annual alumni magazine for the University of Michigan – Flint. It is 64 pages long and contains dozens of stories about our alumni and the campus. Our office has been working on it since January, but May and June have been the knock down, drag-out months.

I wrote some pretty interesting stories...The alumnus who owns an island resort, the breast cancer survivor, the purple heart winner and one of the world’s top minds on sexual discrimination have all told me their story. We have put together a great piece and it is going to print by the end of the week. Now I get to go back to my other duties, which is much easier said than done.

I came in today with a pretty good idea of what the day was going hold. Lots of stuff to do, the problem is getting back in the routine of multitasking. Bouncing from one project to the next was my forte before I put everything on the backburner for Bridges. But for the better part of today, I found myself struggling to stay focused.

So…I took a walk around campus, came back to my office and updated my old project list. This is a word document of what I have to do, the problem was, I was only working on Bridges for so long, I never updated the darn thing. It is amazing how much a “honey-do-list” can help.

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